Expert witness

Navus, Inc. President & Founder
Mehmet Yanilmaz, PhD

Expert witness
Litigation support
Conference & seminar speaker

Contract litigation
Employee malfeasance
Fraud and claim substantiation
Expert testimony
IP & patent protection
Reasonable royalty determination
Risk analysis

In addition to legal tribunal support, Dr. Yanilmaz has significant speaking experience.


He is an often-invited guest speaker for

industry conferences, seminars, panel discussions and in-house presentations.


Dr. Yanilmaz is also a highly reviewed educator. 

He has designed and taught dozens of
advanced-level courses

at top universities, including:


Bogaziçi University

Northwestern University

Syracuse University

University of Chicago


 For a list of prior public speaking engagements, visit News



All legal-related inquiries are held in strict confidence.



Speaking engagements

IP review & defense
Brainstorming sessions
Defense strategy design
In-house education & ideation
Think tanks
Panel talks & facilitation

For further information:


phone:  (312) 275-6288