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Mehmet Yanilmaz, Navus President

September 28-29,2022

Mehmet Yanilmaz to serve as panelist at Trading Show Chicago:    Agenda day 1     Agenda day 2     Speaker list            

  • Panelist, Digital Assets: Crypto derivatives: As trading volume increases, what effects will the market experience?
  • Speaker, Algo, Data & AI:  Forecasting: Validating time series


November 2021

Mehmet Yanilmaz publishes "Enhancing Corporate Performance via Tokenization."


October 5-6, 2021

Mehmet Yanilmaz addresses Trading Show Chicago:

  • Panelist: The rise of tokenization: Implications on the market as many institutions adopt this solution
  • Moderator: Retail flow data: How can institutions use retail related alternative data for quant modeling?


May 8-9, 2019

Mehmet Yanilmaz moderates 2 panels at Trading Show Chicago:

  • Maximizing your profitability in a market with reduced inefficiencies
  • High-performance infrastructure strategy - How are you aligning HPC hardware & software to optimize performance?


May 9-10, 2018

Mehmet Yanilmaz participates in the panel discussion "Next-generation connectivity - How are you balancing latency & bandwidth in 2018?" at Trading Show Chicago.


April 25, 2018

Mehmet Yanilmaz on the panel "Embedding regulatory compliance into software development" at The QA Financial Forum.


December 2017

Navus is pleased to welcome Ali Batu, Strategic Partner.  Mr. Batu is based in Houston.


July 2017

MarketsWiki Education - World of Opportunity

Mehmet Yanilmaz presents: "Best order execution."

A cohesive assessment of managing order complexity, anti-gaming, the impact of recent and upcoming regulation in the U.S. and the E.U. about disclosures of order flow & source codes of trading algorithms on the competitiveness of trade execution services, the operation of dark pools, the convergence of buy and sell side tools, and trading firms’ intellectual properties.


May 2017

The Trading Show - Chicago

Navus President Mehmet Yanilmaz presents: "Accelerating blockchain performance - Current limitations & promising directions."  Topics include:


  • Accelerating distributed synchronizations & mining operations across blockchain apps
  • Effective splitting of functions & computational loads between hardware substrates & software
  • Vertical automata partitioning across blockchain implementation layers for scalable throughput
  • Leveraging proven, massively-parallel, concurrent computing technologies for increased blockchain performance


Dr. Yanilmaz is also an invited panelist for "Best Ex Standards - What Is The Buy-Side Looking For From Brokers?" 


February 2017; July 2016

The Institute for Financial Markets (IFM) - Live Courses

Navus President Mehmet Yanilmaz presents: "The latest in algo trading:  Technologies, regulations & legal pitfalls" in New York & Chicago.


May 2016

The Trading Show - Chicago 2016

Navus President Mehmet Yanilmaz will participate in the panel: "Ultra-low latency connectivity - How is the game of speed changing in today's automated trading environment?" Topics include:


  • Cloud & carrier neutral co-location; Selecting the right connectivity for your firm
  • Fiber vs microwave vs millimeter wavelength - comparing & contrasting new developments in network connectivity
  • Benefits beyond latency - How can you parlay low latency into high trading intelligence?


Also participating are industry experts David Walthour (Head of Technology for XR Trading) & Matt Lempriere (Head of Financial Services Market Segment at Telstra.)


Dr. Yanilmaz will also deliver the presentation "Evolving regulatory environment & prop trading - How will they impact algorithm design, trading strategies & IP protection?"


November 2015 - Chicago

Princeton Quant Trading Conference

Delivered a presentation titled "Concurrent smart order routing & anti-gaming." 


October 2015

Chicago Trading & Technology Summit 2015

Moderated 2 panels: "MARKET LEADERS PANEL: The emergence of new trading venues & their impact on market participants” & “Using regulatory changes to drive improvements in your trading investment processes."


June 2015 - Chicago

The Trading Show 2015

Delivered a presentation titled “How to sort out the complexities of different order types across trading venues?"; moderated the panel ”Exchanges & alternative trading systems – Comparing & contrasting trading venues in the new market Landscape.”


January 2015 - Chicago

After the Bell Panel Forums

Connectivity: A Discussion on the Latest Initiatives & Technology in Ultra-Low Latency Trading 

Panel participant


November 2014 - Chicago

Princeton Quant Trading Conference

Delivered the presentation “Market Microstructure Dynamics: Quantitative & IT Aspects, Their Business Evolution & Future Prospects.”


September 2013 - Chicago

Inside Market Data 2013 Conference

Moderated the panel "The Role of Market Data Management in Controlling Costs & Maximizing Profits."


July 2013 - Chicago

Low Latency Technology Developments, Innovations, Implementation & Challenges: Build vs. Buy & Beyond

After the Bell Panel Forums

Panel participant


June 2013 

The Trading Show Chicago

Delivered a presentation titled "High Frequency Trading in an Over-the-Counter Framework"; moderated the panel titled "Dark fiber vs. Microwave & Wireless Technologies - Joining Forces or Competing Options?"


April 2013 - New York City

North-American Trading Architecture Summit

Delivered a presentation titled "Parameterization of Trading Algorithms According to Market Characteristics"; moderated the panel "The Clash of the Algos: Real-Time Decision Making & Risk"; panelist for "Is this the End of OTC Trading as We Know It?"


March 2013 - Online

Asia-Pacific: Electronic Trading's New Frontier

Served as panelist for international webinar.


November 2012 - Istanbul

FIA/IFM Turkish Derivatives Conference

Moderated the panels titled "Strategies for Turkey's Finance Technology for Derivatives Markets" & Impact of MIFID Integration of Turkish Derivatives Markets."


October 2012 - Online

High Frequency Trading Webcast

Served on this panel that focused on HFT perspectives by brokers, buy side, sell side and exchange operators.  Organized by Waters Technology.


September 2012 - Chicago

Inside Market Data 2012 Conference

Served on the panel titled "Re-Architecting Enterprise Infrastructure for the "Age of Big Data."


June 2012 - Chicago

High Frequency Trading World Conference

Participated on the panel "Fairness of Outcomes vs. Opportunities: Who Bears the Cost of Market Construction and Is It Fair for Everyone to Access?"


April 2012 - Syracuse, NY

Syracuse University Center for Advanced Systems Engineering (CASE)

Delivered the talk "An Engineering Perspective for Algorithmic Trading" at Syracuse University's Center for Advanced Systems Engineering (CASE).


April 2012 - New York City

North-American Trading Architecture Summit

Presented a paper entitled "Integrated Metrics for Cost Management, Design Options & Performance Objectives of High-Frequency Trading Systems."   Moderated the panel "Assessing the Continued Viability of High-Frequency Trading."  Elected "Best Speaker" of the event by the attendees.


February 2012 & March 2012 - Chicago; New York City

Institute for Financial Markets Curriculum

Presented the two-day course "Is Algorithmic Trading Within Your Grasp?"  The industry-standard program - designed by Mehmet Yanilmaz, PhD & in its fifth year in 2012 - was targeted to traders, trading desk directors, institutional portfolio managers, asset allocation specialists, high net worth managers, hedge fund managers, analysts, risk managers & regulators.


12 January 2012 - Chicago

Trading Opportunities; Developments in FX and Other Assets Forum

(Chicago) Served on the panel entitled "Winning the Speed Game While Remaining Compliant: Regulations, Markets & the Impact of HF Trading in FX & Other Asset Classes."


27 December 2011 - Istanbul

Istanbul Stock Exchange

Presented a seminar on "Algorithmic Trading:  Opportunities & Challenges" at the Istanbul Stock Exchange. The seminar focused on brokers, banks and trading firms that operate in Turkish securities and derivatives markets.


15 November 2011 - Worldwide Commodities Webcast

Served on a panel that examined the evolution of trading venues and technologies for trading commodities and their derivatives. Similarities & differences among these venues and technologies according to types of commodities were addressed. 


19 September 2011 - Istanbul

FIA/IFM Turkish Derivatives Conference

Chaired the panel on "Evolution of Algorithmic Trading in a High-Frequency Trading World" and moderated the panel; "The Modern Era: High-Frequency & Algorithmic Trading, Direct Access, Colocation, Technology" during the Turkish Derivatives Conference. The Turkish Derivatives Conference is organized jointly by Futures Industry Association & the Institute for Financial Markets, both based in Washington D.C.


13 September 2011

Inside Market Data Chicago 2011 Conference

Served on the panel titled "How Do Exchanges Evolve & Keep Their Market Data Policies Relevant in Light of the Changing Market Infrastructure?"


8 September 2011 - Mexico City

Mexican Derivatives Exchange

Presented the seminar "Concurrent Market Simulation & Emulation for Testing Trading Algorithms"


15 October 2010 - Istanbul

International Organization of Securities Commissions Conference 

Served as a panelist at a session on algorithmic trading at the IOSCO - International Organization of Securities Commissions conference ( that was held in Istanbul on October 15, 2010.


14 September 2010

Inside Market Data Chicago 2010 Conference

Served on panels titled "Creating the Optimal Data & Trading Architecture" & "The Evolving Marketplace: Exchanges & ECNs as Agents & Objects of Change."


February – July 2010 - Various Algorithmic trading seminars in New York, Chicago and Istanbul


7-8 July 2010 - Chicago

Delivered a two-day seminar on algorithmic trading to enforcement attorneys from Commodities Futures Trading Commission (, on July 7 & 8, 2010.  The attorneys, based in Washington D.C, attended the seminar at the headquarters of National Futures Association ( in Chicago.  The seminar was organized by the Institute for Financial Markets ( based in Washington D.C.


28 May 2010 - Istanbul

Delivered an algorithmic trading seminar at Istanbul Technical University's Teknopark.


29 March 2010 - New York City

Delivered the seminar "Deploying High Frequency Trading Systems"  at Ziff Brothers Investments, a proprietary investment firm in New York.


February - March, 2010 - Chicago & New York City

Delivered courses titled "Is Algorithmic Trading Within Your Grasp?" on March 3-4, 2010 in Chicago and on February 23-24, 2010 in New York City.  The course in Chicago was hosted by Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP .   The course in New York City was hosted by New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). 


20 January 2010 - New York City

High frequency FX trading panel

Led the panel "Key Considerations in Building a High Frequency Trading Platform” at the forum titled "FX High Frequency Trading: Opportunities Beyond."