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Chicago-based world-class internatioal fintech consulting & investment banking advisory is taking applications from dynamic self-starters to market our Quantitative Valuation services.  These positions allow you to work remotely in order to research, identify & vet prospects.  Youll build relationships with incoming clients & there is strong income potential. This is a good opportunity for those who enjoy uncovering & building profitable win-win relationships with executives & business leaders in need of valuation services.


Our expanding business line builds upon a 25-year experience serving global world-class firms.  We customize & deliver solutions across a wide array of business sectors, including Finance, Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy & Renewables.  This position will expose you to multiple industries & executives at all levels of management.  The opportunties to add to your portfolio of successful engagements & build strong career credentials are virtually limitless.  We tend to focus on high growth areas.


Youll market Valuation solutions to small & mid-size businesses with the freedom & flexibility of being an Independent Contractor -- seting your own hours as you work with our credentials in gauging prospect opportunities, generating leads & participatin in closings with senior executives.  Youll also interact directly with our firm Founder, a renowned financial expert, speaker & mentor (which is a great plus).


You can enjoy strong income potential with performance-based opportunity to grow into a full time salariy (plus bonus) position.


Our references are excellent.  This is a hard-to-match opportunity for candidates who are professionally & financially motivated, organized, methodical and honest.  Those who have been most successful in this track are positive self-starters with a desire to learn, earn & build business relationships.




Youll receive 20% of the fees collected from clients that you secure!  We pay immediately upon client receivables.  The initial position is 100% commission based, with uplevel growth reviews each 6 months.




Youll also receive 20% off-the-top revenue for repeat business of any service from our firm even though you only handled the initial Valuation portion.  This is a truly rare benefit, as it adds to your income  for up to 2 years irrespective of your reintroduction of these clients or even if you have moved into a new position (either with us or another firm!)


Additionally, you receive the 2-year residual even for client work outside the scope of what you sold.  Our succesful clients tend to be grateful for our services, and we, in turn, pass that on as reward to those who help us maintain our reputation for good, solid performance.  For example, sometimes a client wants to know their market value (20% revenue for you).  A year later, that client decides to sell their company using our firm Youll also receive 20% revenue of the business sale -- even if you arent involved in the latter deal.  You bring a client once and reap rewards for quite some time.  This is a rare, world-class residual structure.



Your revenue share will be restructured into a salary + bonus scale if you choose to convert to a salaried position in the future.  Performance pays!  Successful candidates are reviewed 1-2 times annually and our Founder takes your professional goals & interests into account & often takes a personal role in helping to foster & build your prospect relationships.  Our President & Founder is very accessible and provides great coaching opportunities.




  • Identify, vet & initiate contact with potential clients who can benefit from fact-based business Valuation Mission critical assessments of their financial value, present & future, and marketplace potential.
  • Weekly status reporting & client updates
  • Interface directly with prospective & existing clients, assess feedback, discover new opportunities
  • Work with Senior Executives to finalize & refine offers
  • Continue client engagement as requested
  • Build professional networks across an array of industries & firms.  Add to your success portfolio while accruing invaluable experience working with accomplished executives.



  • Prior experience in B2B sales.  Other direct sales & sales support experience may be considered.
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills & integrity are top priorities with our firm.  We require honesty & direct communication
  • Strong negotiation skills; Our firm is known for integrity & openness.  Our reputation is key to ongoing success for us and you.
  • Detail-oriented & responsive.  We act quickly & rely on responsive support staff
  • Ability to build rapport with clients
  • Enjoys interfacing with top-level business executives across diverse industries
  • U.S. candidates are hired as 1099 contractors; International candidates (E.U., U.K., Norway, Switzerland, Israel, UAE, Singapore & Australia) are required to be incorporated in their respective domiciles.


Submit résumés & cover letters to:

No phone calls, please. We respond to qualified applicants confidentially & promptly

Valuation Services
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